Hala Elsharaky

Alorf Hospital, Kuwait


Dr. Hala Elsharaky, Alorf Hospital, Kuwait

Research Interest

The increased incidence of cesarean section delivery leads to the uprising of one rare form of ectopic pregnancy, the cesarean scar pregnancy (CSP). It is a new challenging clinical condition with catastrophic maternal morbidity and mortality. The estimated incidence ranges from 1/1008 to 1/2500 of all pregnancies. It is thought to occur due to the implantation of the gestational sac into the myometrial defect of the previous cesarean scar, the niche. The antenatal diagnosis of CSP is not always confirmed. It is frequently misdiagnosed, and mismanaged, resulting in the necessity of emergency surgical intervention and possibly ending in a hysterectomy. The aim of this talk is to explore the recent diagnosis and management of CSP and the presentation of a series of three case reports of CSP who were diagnosed and treated in Alorf Hospital, Kuwait over a two-year period.