Primary Care 2023

Jordan university of science and technology, Jordan

I am Muna Najeh Mohammad Abu Zeiad from Jordan. Fortunately, I received an invitation from the conference to be a speaker. Indeed, I went to the House of Call with enthusiasm and pleasure. Indeed, it was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life, as I met many doctors and nurses from all countries of the world and gained many new experiences based on scientific foundations. Happy Very much for this experience and I would like to participate in many upcoming conferences

Primary Care 2024

Uttarakhand Open University, India

It is wonderful sharing thoughts and ideas on new innovations and studying the results from people from all over the world, that is from very dreamy topics. And that is a wonderful experience to share the results of my study and my thoughts with so many people from all over the world; hopefully, its ability to improve the primary and public healthcare perspective in the future. Thank you

Primary Care 2024

Middle Technical University, Iraq

To tell you the truth, the conference was organized and simplified for researchers and attendees wonderfully. The entire team and those responsible for arranging all the topics and prerequisites at this conference were impressive. Besides many other amazing things that made this conference great, it was to see a lot of valuable scientific research. I am delighted to have taken part in this conference. 

Primary Care 2024

Research Medical Physicist, Canada

I am grateful to you and your committee. I will tell you a little bit about Scientex Conferences, This Primary care Conference was arranged by this meeting and provided a very very valuable experience for us to network and exchange views and research papers and therefore highly appreciate their efforts and provided sufficient, and they actually provided me the great opportunity today, to come here and present and despite the PHD student and not current employment and they were very kind, so I'm very grateful to all of them. Hopeful they will continue the good work. Overall I found the conference quite good. Food provided during the conference including breakfast and lunch buffet at the venue was very good. The venue was good.

Primary Care 2024

Institut Kesehatan Rajawali, Indonesia

It was very interesting considering the many research topics discusses, especially those related to health and medicine. Thank you, I hope I can get another chance at the next conference.

Primary Care 2024

College of Pharmacy-University of Mosul, Iraq

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in your conference. In fact, it is a useful and organized conference. The topics were accurate and useful. The quality of the sound and images was with good resolution. I thank you for this highly organized work and I wish you more success.